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All the Action!

ProgrammeCover The Royal Highland Show is the title given to a whole range of competitions, demonstrations, entertainment and activities. There are several areas of the Show in which you could spend an entire day - without seeing anything of the rest of the Show!

Get a copy of the printed pocket-sized SHOW PROGRAMME (see image) at the entrances and kiosks around the showground, for an easy-to-read list of all that is on, where and when. It also tells you something about the cast of thousands in this moo-hoosive Show and includes a handy pull-out map, so you can find your way around this vast showground.                                                                                 

Areas of the Show activities, along with relevant Trade Exhibitors, are themed according to  common interests:-

Showing - see Showing Programme

Cattle Rings

Sheep Rings

Equestrian and Show Jumping

Heavy Horse Turnouts

Sheep Shearing Competitions

Arenas / entertainment


Scotland's Larder Live! Cookery, Talks and Tastings and lots of food & drink to choose from


Forge & Farriery

Handcrafts Competition

Shopping by areas of interest


Outdoor Living

Cars, Vans, 4 x4s, Motorbikes

Machinery, Accessories and Equipment - biggest display of any UK Show

Tractors, Telehandlers, Large Trailers

Combine Harvesters, Sprayers, Cultivators

Livestock handling equipment

Quad bikes, small trailers, fencing