Shopping Heaven

Looking for unique items of desire?  Then the Show has something to suit all tastes and pockets.

If you’ve got a passion for shopping then you need to head for the following areas:-

  • Shopping Arcade & Marquee and Crafts Zone – gorgeous items of desire including home
  • Equestrian Village – everything you need for both horse and rider – all top brands available
  • Outdoor Living – enter via the floral walkway and peruse items for your garden from plants to Swedish barbecue huts
  • Food & Drink Hall – come hungry there is so much to try – we challenge you not to buy!
  • Motor Zone – looking for new car, pick-up vehicle, quad-bike or motorbike ? You’ll find all major manufacturers represented at the Show
  • Lifestyle Village – as the name suggests, this is where you will find the latest lifestyle accessories from phones to spa baths, swimming pools and furniture
Shopping Heaven
Shopping Heaven
Shopping Heaven
SCHOOLS - Let RHET organise your visit to the Show! - Royal Highland Show 2014

SCHOOLS - Let RHET organise your visit to the Show!

Royal Highalnd Education Trust (RHET) aims to provide the opportunity for every child in Scotland to learn about food, farming and the countryside, and to create a wider understanding of the environmental, economic and social realities of rural Scotland. Click on the link at the top of the Show homepage to be redirected.

The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) Children's Discovery Centre is based in Avenue Q of the showground. The centre is run by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) and open to anyone and everyone, offering a range of fun, interactive and hands-on activities for children of all ages.  Find out more about RHET in Scotland

The RHET education programme is available to booked school and nursery groups, and offers:  
  • Bookable education programme sessions
  • Interactive learning
  • Educational drop-in activities
  • Guided tours
  • Curriculum-linked education packs 
On arrival at the show, booked school groups are greeted by RHET staff and volunteers, who will ensure you find where you need to be as quickly as possible.
Groups have the option of a guided tour of the showground with one of our RHET volunteers and learn all about the different attractions, or head straight to the RHET Children's Discovery Centre to get stuck-in to your chosen activities.  Our tours can be tailored to meet your specific needs, however there is no obligation to participate in RHET activities should groups wish to enter as a school party and follow their own programme.
RHET staff and volunteers are on hand to guide and assist with activities, and RHET are extremely grateful to their dedicated team of volunteers and activity providers who give up their time for education at the Royal Highland Show.  Their expertise and enthusiasm is gladly shared with the children who visit the Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health Discovery Centre, either as members of the public or in a school party.
SCHOOLS - Let RHET organise your visit to the Show!
SCHOOLS - Let RHET organise your visit to the Show!
SCHOOLS - Let RHET organise your visit to the Show!
Making education tasty - Royal Highland Show 2014

Making education tasty

The Royal Highland Show serving up a fun healthy eating lesson in 2014. This year over 30,000 children are expected to visit the Royal Highland Show where The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) is providing free interactive activities for school groups and the public at the Children’s Discovery Centre, sponsored by ScottishPower.

The 'classroom' at the show will be the Discover Centre, which, with the help of RHET coordinators and volunteers, will present ten interactive sessions.  On the curriculum will be cooking, baking, seafood tasting and science experiments.  

Quality Meat Scotland will be sizzling up the Centre with the Scotch Beef Cookery Theatre, providing children with the opportunity to learn how easy it is to make tasty, healthy meals using seasonal produce.

Over at Seafood Scotland’s  'Incredible Edibles', children can take part in a blind tasting, followed by a fun quiz on the importance of fish in a healthy diet. 

The are sponsoring the 'Baking Station', where children can try their hand at baking. They will learn basic skills, watch ingredients come together, go in the oven and then, the best bit - tasting the end product!

Entering the 'Dairy Parlour', sponsored by DairyCo, children will be able to 'milk' 'Mabel' the life-size fiberglass cow, learn the journey of milk and ice cream from grass to glass and, of course, taste both!

Taking a step back in time, the education team from The Museum of Rural Life will be demonstrating how flour is made and allow children to take turns grinding grain into flour using traditional quern stones, whilst learning about the history of agriculture in Scotland.

Continuing with the theme of Scottish agriculture, The James Hutton Institute & Dynamic Earth will be bringing groups together to compete in scientific experiments, where they will create the best soil for crops and determine the age of the world.

The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust will be providing “A Pheasant Experience” with mask making and a display of the ideal habitat for pheasants.

Two other activities will also be focusing on the Scottish landscape - Countryside Learning Scotland will be showcasing their interactive 3D map for pupils to develop, and the Wilderness Foundation UK. Children will be taken on a “wilderness trail” based on the 'Leave No Trace' scenarios. 

The Children’s Discovery Centre is open every day of the show from 9am until 5pm.

Other activities also on offer at the show include: the Super Sleuth Trail with the Soil Association, candle making with The Scottish Bee Keepers Association and Meet the Clan Cycle Stunt Team, which this year includes the UK's no.1 BMX Stunt Girl Kayley Ashworth, for autographs and Q&A's.  The full list of all activities on offer can be found at the RHET website

Making education tasty
Making education tasty
Making education tasty
FUTURE SHOW DATES - Royal Highland Show 2014


Future Show dates approved by RHASS Board of Directors in March 2014

The 175th Royal Highland Show will take place on Thursday 18th to Sunday 21st June 2015

Dates for subsequent years -    
       16-19 June 2016
       15-18 June 2017




The UK’S No.1 Female BMX Freestyler, Kayley Ashworth, will be making a welcome return to the Royal Highland Show in 2014 as part of The Clan BMX Stunt Team.  The 24 year old from Bangor, Wales, is keen to show that cycling, and indeed stunt cycling, is not just for boys!

After suffering a fall at the RHS in 2012, which landed her in hospital with damage to her ulna and radius, Kayley cannot wait to get back to Scotland and give everyone a great stunt show.  She also wants to see everyone who helped her after her accident and thank them for looking after her, ‘The Scots are great!” Kayley explains, “They helped me so much after my fall and I still keep in touch.”

Young people at the RHS will have the opportunity to take part in bookable private sessions with The Clan straight after each show, where they can have a Q&A sitting with the riders and receive signed autographs.  Kayley is particularly keen to talk to young girls about the sport and encourage them not to be put off by activities that are dominated by boys.  There are only a handful of girls in BMX Freestyling in the UK and Kayley believes more should get involved as it is great for boosting confidence, keeping healthy and meeting new people.   

The Clan team will also be visiting Primary Schools up and down Scotland in March and April visiting pupils to talk about getting into cycling, and safety whilst on their bikes, as part of a campaign called ‘Give Me Cycle Space’. Then in June the team will be back at RHS where Kayley says she particularly enjoys visiting the Young Farmers HQ and Traditional Rural Craft Class.

Rettie’s Winning Partnership with RHS - Royal Highland Show 2014

Rettie’s Winning Partnership with RHS

Richard and Carol Rettie farm at Aberdona Mains, by Alloa in Clackmannanshire. They show their own beef cattle and have a livery business showing cattle for other breeders. They have two sons, Jamie & Chas - Jamie also shows his own beef cattle.

Richard and Carol were both born into farming and have been exhibiting at the Royal Highland for 14 years. Prior to that, Richard exhibited for the Brampton Charolais herd for a number of years.  It would appear that the Highland runs deep in their blood too; Carol's uncle Ian Anderson and cousins Lynne and Dawn, plus Richard’s father Alistair Rettie and grandfather Albert Rettie, also exhibited for many years. Additionally, their son Jamie made his first appearance as an exhibitor at the Highland a few years ago with his own Angus herd and will (hopefully) be returning this year too.

Carol said that the preparation for the Highland starts around three to six months prior, when they take delivery of show cattle for livery. They break in any unbroken animals, begin the training and washing process, and try them at smaller shows first to make sure they are ready for the Show.

The couple’s Royal Highland awards include 4 Beef Shorthorn Championships (3 in a row for Mark Holmes), 2 Hereford Championships, 1 Aberdeen Angus Reserve Supreme & 2 Aberdeen Angus Female Championships, all for livery clients.  The icing on the cake was winning the John Miller Perpetual Challenge Trophy in 2008. This trophy is awarded to the Stockperson in the Sheep, Heavy Horse, Cattle and Dairy Cattle sections in rotation who makes the best presentation of their stock, and the greatest contribution to fostering goodwill in the stocklines.

Over the years they have shown a total of 8 breeds at the Show.  When asked about the importance of the Highland to them, Carol said that it is everything, “It is all about the Highland …the AA breed is very strong in Scotland, with strong competition ….so, to us, the main show to win would be the Royal Highland." Carol also discussed the value of a win to the business, “Winning is always a great bonus, it’s good for business and it’s what we’re all trying to achieve.  Plus the social side at the Highland is fantastic.”

Other shows that the couple attends include The Royal Welsh and The Great Yorkshire Show, but it’s the Highland that is the main event for them. Carol said that it is the first big one and the most important, as it’s the one where everyone is keyed up for doing well, “It sets the pace for the shows that know you are going to be up against the best of the best at the Royal Highland Show.” 

Richard and Carol will be returning to the Royal Highland Show in 2014 to exhibit this year’s show animals.

Rettie’s Winning Partnership with RHS
2014 Show Judging Times and Rings - Royal Highland Show 2014

2014 Show Judging Times and Rings

With over 5000 entries from all over the UK and Ireland, the show will be living up to its “Best Event” award with a magnificent display of beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses and poultry. 

Download the 2014 Show Judging Times and Rings 

The Royal Highland Show will be the place to be to view some of the country’s best livestock. The Greatest Show will be a packed house, especially in the cattle hall and sheep marquees.  With this level of entries we can promise show visitors some keen competition in the judging rings and, of course, one of the spectacular sights of the show, the grand parades of prize winning cattle and horses.

2014 Show Judging Times and Rings
2014 Show Judging Times and Rings
2014 Show Judging Times and Rings
The Royal Highland Show is Family Affair for the Hunters - Royal Highland Show 2014

The Royal Highland Show is Family Affair for the Hunters

Exhibiting at the RHS is definitely a family affair for Robert Hunter, his wife Lorraine and their three children Karen (19), Alison (16) and Mark (14).  The family breed and show dairy cattle from their farm in Shotts, Lanarkshire.  They have been attending the Royal Highland since 1982 when they moved over from Ballymoney, N.Ireland and exhibiting since 2004.

Robert, Karen and Alison all look after the breeding and showing of the cattle and Lorraine deals with the administrative side of things.  Although Mark is not as interested in showing cattle as he is in the machinery, he was still determined that the family would win the John Miller Perpetual Challenge trophy at the 2009 Show, and win it they did!

In terms of his arrangements for exhibiting, Robert, after a bit of coaxing, divulged his secret weapon…. Karen and Alison! “The girls are seriously good at preparing” Robert divulges, “They are so organised they were discussing what we are taking to the show just this weekend!” When asked if he still has a say in things he replied, “Yes, yes, I have input – but I’ll usually just go with what they say!”  He added that it’s basically down to what’s on form at the time.  They calve at particular times of the year specifically for exhibiting at the Highland, so the next few weeks will tell them exactly what they have.

Robert and his family have no shortage of awards from their time exhibiting at the Highland.  In 2011 they won Champion Interbreed Heifer in Milk and at last year’s show with Jersey cattle they won, amongst others, Best Heifer Champion Jersey and Best Dairy Animal Bred by an Exhibitor. Robert explains that when it comes to good business the Highland is “a fantastic shop window...It is the show to win at.  We won last year, and 2010 and also 2009…the strength of the Highland is that…there are people from all over the world there…. it’s global…we’ve sold stock to Ireland, England…all on the back of what we’ve won at the Royal Highland Show. That sort of success is impossible to achieve if you don’t go out and exhibit at the Show.  The reputation it brings is invaluable.”

The Hunters won’t rest on their laurels though; there are still awards to be won, such as Champion Dairy Cow, which Robert says is the “ultimate” achievement.  He is already preparing to win it….in 2015! “You’ve always got to plan ahead!” he advises.

Although the majority of his cattle will be completely new to the RHS, there is one special lady who is making a comeback after sitting out a couple of years. ‘Clydevalley Julian Flora EX95’, who won back in 2009 and 2010, will be entered into the Senior Cow in Milk Class having had 7 calves. Her granddaughter will be at the show making her first appearance.  So, it looks like the RHS is not just a family affair for the Hunters, but their cattle too!

The Royal Highland Show is Family Affair for the Hunters
The Royal Highland Show is Family Affair for the Hunters
Highland is ‘pinnacle’ for Border Leicester Champion, James Brown - Royal Highland Show 2014

Highland is ‘pinnacle’ for Border Leicester Champion, James Brown

James ‘Jim’ Brown, breeds and shows Border Leicester’s from his fifty-four acre farm at Mindrum, Northumberland.  The son of a GP, James found his way into farming through his Uncle James who farmed with his grandfather at the family farm at Corriecravie on the Isle of Arran.  The farm is still in the family today and owned by Jim’s cousins. 

Jim has three daughters: Katie 32, Jennifer 29, and Ishbel 26.  Katie works in the Finance department for an Edinburgh HR Company and is married to Branislav, the executive chef for the Highland’s very own Saltire Hospitality.  Ishbel is a Norland Nanny in London and Jennifer is an Animal Nutritionist.   Jennifer has the same passion as her dad for the breed and has her own small flock of Border Leicesters.  She is now in Aberdeen but was living in Australia (and will be heading back there soon), working on farms as part of her studies.  But the distance hasn’t stopped her winning prizes, as last year Jim got her a win at the Border Union Show – the things dads do for their daughters!Jim originally bred Suffolks with his brother, Peter, but in 1981 he started his exhibiting career by purchasing his first Border Leicester, a five-year old ewe from John Young in Skerrington Mains, for £165.   “I tell you, that was a lot of money in those days,” Jim remarks.  It paid off though - he went on to sell her ram lamb for £270 after his first red ticket at the Royal Welsh.

Jim’s preparation for the Highland starts months before the Show, “…you pick your sheep and, you know, treat them a bit better!” By the beginning of May Jim knows what he is taking to the Highland.  When asked how he knows which animals he will be taking he replies, “You can spot a good lamb the day it’s born”. He also admits that it isn’t always as straight forward as picking a good animal, “…you can have the world’s best ewe, but all sorts of things can go wrong.  It’s the same with any pure breed… you know, best laid plans of mice and men!”  Jim’s best-laid plans seem to pay off for him, though.   His Highland successes include five Championships and six reserves in the last twelve years.

A win at the Highland means an “awful lot”, to Jim.  He believes that the Show is the pinnacle for showing the Border Leicester breed:

“… For business, a win at the Show is invaluable. It puts your name out there…you are competing against the best of the best. When it comes to sales, new breeders are comfortable if they know your name from a win at the Highland. I sold a ram to Holland on the back of winning the Highland in 2012.  There is no doubt; if you are successful at the Highland, it helps.”

Jim discusses that aside from financially, a win means a lot to him personally. “I’m quite competitive anyway, from selling sheep to playing golf!”  And it seems he gets his competitive streak from his father. Following a win at the Royal Welsh, his father remarked, “…it’s good, but it’s a red ticket at the Highland I want!”

Aside from exhibiting, Jim says that the Highland is whole occasion in itself.  His favourite aspect is meeting people he doesn’t see for a long time.  He also likes “…to walk through pen after pen, and stall after stall, of world-class animals…” and study their superiority and quality.

2014 will be a special year for Jim, as Jennifer will be coming along to the Highland with him to show some of her Border Leicester ewes.  Katie and Ishbel will also be there to cheer them on, but he admits he is a tad jealous that they can just “…swan in and swan out” of the Show. It’s tough at the top, Jim!  

Highland is ‘pinnacle’ for Border Leicester Champion, James Brown
Alison Watt - Royal Highland Show 2014

Alison Watt

A couch for treating the sore backs of farmers would be a very popular spot at The Royal Highland Show according to Alison Watt. She should know – she treats Banffshire farmers with Bowen therapy – a gentle treatment for muscular and structural problems. But that’s not her day job - Alison runs her therapy business in the evening and manages a 600-acre farm during the day.

A couch for treating the sore backs of farmers would be a very popular spot at The Royal Highland Show according to Alison Watt. She should know – she treats Banffshire farmers with Bowen therapy – a gentle treatment for muscular and structural problems. But that’s not her day job - Alison runs her therapy business in the evening and manages a 600-acre farm during the day.

The consummate multi-tasker, she undoubtedly could manage the treatment of sore backs in between showing and judging at Ingliston. Each year she drives around 12-15 cattle from her farm near Keith to Edinburgh for her annual ‘holiday’.

“I love The Highland Show – you meet breeders from all over and the craik is great. Its a very social occasion - there’s a great buzz before the Showing and we hope that the sun shines for it.’

Showing British Blondes at the Highland Show might not sound like a holiday to most people but compared with the lambing season that Alison is in the middle of at the moment it’s a breeze. As the owner of 350 Shetland cross Cheviot ewes Alison ends up delivering around 650 lambs every Spring and finishes these along with another 1000 purchased store lambs - needless to say it’s not as easy as it appears on BBC’s Lambing Live but just as rewarding.

For Alison ‘there's something special about bringing new life into the world’. She runs a Herd of 150 Suckler Cows alongside the ewes and grows 250 acres of Spring Barley, most of which supplies local distilleries. Farming was an obvious career choice for a number of reasons, ‘I’m very much an animal person and I love the outdoor life – being outside with the livestock is what I enjoy’.

Alison is the third generation of the Watt family to farm at Birkenburn – her grandfather bought the farm in 1917 when there was a sale of land to tenant farmers. She was only eight years old when she started driving in the fields and she was in her teens when her father Percy Watt was President of the National Farmers Union Scotland. Competing at The Highland Show also runs in the family having shown horses and pedigree cattle there since 1978.

Alison is the eldest of four sisters and manages the farm with the help of her nephew Gavin Petrie, 27, who gained a degree in agriculture from Craibstone. Gavin has been involved in showing cattle from a very young age and helps her ferry the cattle to all the shows on the North Circuit. Alison has judged Blondes at Balmoral and at the Royal Highland and has won the Blonde Championship at the Highland on three occasions. Both are looking forward to this year's Show.

Alison is currently Vice-Chairman of Keith Country Show having served on this committee for over 30 years and is looking forward to becoming the first Female Chairman in the Show's 142 year history.  She’s following in her father’s footsteps; he was Chair of the Keith Show for three years in the 1970s. She also serves on Council of the British Blonde Society and is Chairman of the North of Scotland Blonde Club.


Alison Watt
Highland is Fruitful Venture for Simmental Champion - Royal Highland Show 2014

Highland is Fruitful Venture for Simmental Champion

Iain Green and his parents, Jimmy and Nan, collectively run Corskie Farm in Garmouth, Fochabers, Moray.  Iain’s father and grandfather moved to the area from an upland farm between Forres and Grantown–on-Spey in 1955 and Iain has lived at Corskie his whole life.

Iain is president of the Council of the British Simmental Cattle Society, a past Chairman of the Scottish Simmental Club and Royal Northern Agricultural Society. Although Corskie Farm is a mixed farm of cereal, beef cows, pigs and sheep, it’s the cows that are the focus of Iain’s exhibiting interest and he has achieved great success; the Corskie herd of pedigree Simmentals are widely recognised as one of the top Simmental herds in the UK.  

Iain hasn’t missed a Highland since he was thirteen - that’s thirty-three years attendance on the trot.  He began exhibiting cattle at the Show ten years ago.  In terms of preparation, Iain explains that it takes several weeks prior to the show getting the show cattle washed every day and halter trained.  He admits that he is extremely lucky to have a very keen and enthusiastic stockman in Robert Taylor, who last year helped gained him ‘Overall Junior Interbreed Champion’ at the Highland with Corskie Ce-Gem.

The Highland has proven a fruitful venture in terms of accolades for Iain and the Corskie Simmentals.  Wins include Simmental Overall Champion, Reserve Champion, Female Simmental Champion and Interbreed Groups.  Iain discusses the importance of the Highland for his business, noting that:

“It is a great shop window…the displays of livestock are amazing…and it’s a great place for some effective PR and advertising. We take the cattle and people can see what we’re breeding, what females we have.   It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Iain exhibits at other shows such as Turriff, Keith and Black Isle, but he explains that the Highland sets itself apart from these by the huge numbers of cattle and scale of the event.  He is also impressed at the number of stands and displays at the Show, making it a great to have a look around during a rare minute of freedom from his exhibiting duties. There “really is something to whet anybody’s appetite”, he remarks.

Iain has three daughters, one of who, Laura, also has an interest in showing livestock.This year’s Highland will be a bit special for Iain as Laura, who also shows Clydesdales in the Young Handlers at the Show, now has a heifer with calf at foot, born at the end of September, to exhibit.  Iain himself has an exciting show year to look forward to, with some young stock coming through from new stock bulls - more quality Simmentals from an RHS Champion.

Highland is Fruitful Venture for Simmental Champion
We are Cooking - Royal Highland Show 2014

We are Cooking

The cookery theatre offers a packed four days of free masterclasses hosted by chefs and restaurateurs from across the country. Learn the tips of the trade and watch the professionals at work creating delicious food from some of the best ingredients to be found anywhere in the world.



Roy Brett

Roy will be cooking up a delicious range of dishes for Marine Harvest, sponsors of the Scottish Food & Drink Cookery Theatre.

Roy Brett is one of Scotland’s most popular and successful chefs.

His CV covers some of the best establishments in Britain. From a three-year apprenticeship at Edinburgh’s Caledonian Hotel under Alan Hill and Jeff Bland, he moved to the Savoy Grill in London. 

Then followed a period as Head Chef at One Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow before Roy returned to London to work with Mark Hix at Le Caprice. 

He became Executive Chef at Malmaison before joining Rick Stein in Cornwall. While Rick and Roy worked together, Stein’s flagship restaurant in Padstow was named Restaurant of the Year for four consecutive years. 

In 2007 Roy returned to Scotland as Chef Director at Dakota Hotels, opening branches at Euro Central and then Forth Bridge shortly afterwards. Under his care, Dakota became the first Scottish restaurant to earn an accreditation for sustainable sourcing from the Marine Stewardship Council.

Roy launched Ondine in September 2009 and since then it has gone on to achieve critical acclaim and win a string of awards including Chef of the Year and the food prize at the Spirit of Scotland Awards. Last year, Ondine was rated The Good Food Guide’s Scottish Restaurant of the Year and the restaurant is currently the AA’s Scottish restaurant of the Year.

In addition, it has been placed 24th in the list of UK Top 100 Restaurants.

Alongside Ondine, Roy is also consultant chef to the famed Loch Fyne Oyster Bar in Argyll where he led a refurbishment and refresh of the restaurant.

Roy is committed to sustainable seafood and works with small local suppliers ranging from fishermen to foragers to ensure the story of the ingredients is told on the plate. He has also advised the Scottish Government on food policy and First Minister Alex Salmond is a frequent visitor to Ondine.

Neil Forbes, Chef Director Café St Honore

Neil grew up in a family of chefs in the Highland town of Pitlochry.  He has since worked alongside some of the world’s great chefs including Raymond Blanc and Michael Roux.

In 2011, Neil was named Scottish Chef of the Year at the acclaimed Scottish Restaurant Awards and he was particularly praised for his use of Scottish seasonal produce of which he is an avid promoter.  He has been named as a Chef of the Year Finalist for this year’s Catering in Scotland Excellence Awards, with the winners to be announced later this month.

Neil is a member of the Slow Food UK’s Chef Alliance and works closely with them and Slow Food Edinburgh to help spread the word on ‘good, clean and fair’ food.  Neil regularly demonstrates his skills at a broad range of events across the UK as well as appearing on BBC Radio Scotland’s Kitchen Cafe.

Craig Wilson, Chef Proprietor, Eat on the Green Restaurant, Udny Green.

Craig has transformed a small village pub into an award-winning restaurant. He is always highly entertaining and will be sharing with us some of his favourite dishes.  At the end of the evening's kitchen service, Craig is frequently seen front of house - wearing his trademark 'tartan trews'. Craig was born and brought up in Insch, Aberdeenshire.  From an early age he showed an interest in food and gained experience at a number of venues before becoming one of the youngest head chefs in the country at Cromlix Hotel, aged just 24, and also one of the youngest chef's to achieve 2 AA rosettes for his culinary skills.

Paul Wedgwood - Wedgwood the Restaurant

A passionate and ambitious chef, Paul Wedgwood has run a successful restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh for over six years. His most recent venture has seen him begin a partnership with Relish, a restaurant in Barbados.

His time spent in Barbados has allowed his dishes to take on a Bajan twist, having recently created, what is believed to be the first, Bajan Haggis! His regular travels around the world contribute to Paul’s ability to constantly come up with new and exciting ideas to create fantastic dishes, flavours and combinations.

Paul is also renowned for his use of quality, local, fresh ingredients. In fact, such emphasis is put on quality and freshness, Paul can often be found foraging for his own ingredients in woods and on riverbanks throughout Scotland.

Ensuring that his staff are learning and developing their passion for food and drink has become a fundamental part of Paul and Wedgwood the Restaurant’s philosophy. He strongly encourages all of his staff to take part in both in-house and external training. Currently his chefs are being sent on specialised external courses for areas such as Molecular Gastronomy and use of Liquid Nitrogen, as well as having enrolled several employees in butchery courses. As well as this, 2014 will see Paul start a skills exchange with trainee chefs in Barbados, which will essentially involve sending a chef from Wedgwood the Restaurant to Barbados in exchange for a chef from Relish. Paul truly believes that it is experiences like this that help to shape a chef and their dishes, much like it has done to him.

Wendy Barrie

Wendy will be presenting cookery shows on behalf of East Lothian Council.

Director of the award-winning Scottish Food Guide, Wendy is a well-known campaigner for good food, providing independent expertise in Food Tourism, Taste Education and Healthy Eating - she can often be spotted on the highways and byways checking out the best in her Mini! With considerable experience in food education across the board, Wendy networks with chefs across Scotland and Scandinavia.

Wendy has worked on local school meal initiatives, visiting Italy at the invitation of Piedmont Region to see school meal policies there. Wendy was an inaugural delegate at Slow Food’s Terra Madre and spoke on Food Tourism at Terra Madre2.  She was a Finalist for the Scottish Countryside Alliance Rural Hero Award 2011, recognising outstanding personal contributions to country life and communities for her dedicated support of local produce and her ongoing achievements. She is a regular contributor on food matters on BBC Radio Scotland and has published her second cookbook ‘Food Miles From Home.’

Chris Thompson – The Pantry

Chris Thompson has always wanted to be a chef and has great love for food. He took this passion and drive and opened his own restaurant, alongside wife Charlotte, in December 2012. The Pantry, situated in Edinburgh’s Stockbridge, is everything Chris loves about food and dining - relaxed atmosphere with thrifty, hearty dishes.

Prior to opening The Pantry, Chris studied zoology at the University of Newcastle and then worked as a biology teacher for two years.  However, he had always wanted to pursue a career in the kitchen and, since having children of his own, he has been inspired to follow this lifelong dream.

Chris cooks food that he believes in.  At The Pantry, he prides himself on providing delicious food and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere that everyone will feel welcome in. He also loves to eat and opening The Pantry has given him the opportunity to share his love of food and cooking with friends, family and customers.

Morven Hastie - Wishingwell Coffee and Gift Shop, Drymen

Morven studied Hospitaity at The Queens College in Glasgow, which gave her the opportunity to travel to Vermont, New England for work and study. After completing her degree, she worked in Texas for a spell before heading home to the family farm in Killearn, Stirlingshire to open the Wishingwell Coffee and Gift shop along with her family, which has now been open for 16 years. Morven brings a sunny smile and delicious treats to our theatre. Her lovely bistro, en route to Loch Lomond, has innovative and tasty soups, sandwiches and salads, all prepared with the finest local ingredients on the family farm. She is passionate about showcasing Scottish produce on the menu and using nutritious wholefoods to optimise good health. The family farm plays a big role in Morven's life where she is involved with sheep, cattle and pigs.

David Haetzman – Kyloe Restaurant & Grill

Kyloe’s award winning Head Chef David Haetzman has created a truly innovative Grill Menu at Edinburgh’s first gourmet steak restaurant.  And with more than 17 years experience in the hospitality industry, and 16 years as a chef, David has worked in many highly esteemed establishments and is embellished with many accolades.

David’s passion for food began when he worked as Front of House at Whatley Hall Hotel in Banbury.  He trained in Hotel Management Operations at Oxpens College in Oxford.  In 1991, David joined Gleneagles Hotel to start formal training as a Chef.  At only 25 years old, David was invited to become the Head Chef of award winning Edinburgh restaurant Blue in 1998, having joined as a Sous Chef the previous year.  He was also Head Chef at the multi-award winning The Tower restaurant in Edinburgh in 2003 and at the two AA Rosette awarded restaurant at Burt’s Hotel in Melrose in 2004.  From 2005 to 2008 David led the kitchen of Jools Holland’s The Jam House.  2008 saw David join The Rutland as Head Chef and on the opening of Kyloe Restaurant and Grill.

The many awards and recognitions David has to his name include the Casual Dining Award in the Scottish Lamb Challenge, organised by Taste of Scotland, in 1998 and in the Fine Dining category in the same competition in 1999.  In 2009, he won Most Exciting New Restaurant in the Scottish Hotel of the Year Awards.

We are Cooking
We are Cooking
We are Cooking
Exhibitor Profile: Glenalmond Tweed - Royal Highland Show 2014

Exhibitor Profile: Glenalmond Tweed

In 1981 Andrew and Sally St. John visited the Outer Hebrides and were bowled over by the rugged landscape, the grandeur of the hills and lochs, and the extraordinary ever-changing colours of the land. At the top end of this necklace lie the islands of Lewis and Harris. It is here that one of the world’s most famous and iconic fabrics is manufactured, Harris Tweed. In Gaelic they call it Clò Mhor - the Great Cloth.

Andrew and Sally St.John have a hill farm at Glenalmond, just north of Methven near Perth.  In 1992 they took stock of their situation and came to the conclusion that it was unlikely that the European Community would carry on subsidising farming indefinitely and that the time had come to diversify. At that time Harris Tweed had to be woven with Scottish wool. Glenalmond Tweed was born.

Glenalmond Tweed has been exhibiting at the Royal Highland Show for 15 years, or as Andrew puts it, “not as long as the stick makers, but close behind!”  Before that, Andrew had attended at the Show in a farming capacity. 

The reason the company has chosen to exhibit at the Highland, year-in-year-out, is that it is good PR.  In the past, the company had premises on the Royal Mile, so they would use the Show to bring custom into town.  Now, even though their shop is in Glenalmond, they have customers visiting the shop telling them they saw them at the Highland.  Andrew adds that exhibiting at the Highland is good for driving direct sales via their website.

The company also exhibits at other events, such as: Badminton, Burghley and Blair Castle Horse Trials; the Scottish Game Fair and Winchester Xmas Market. Andrew admits that another, less business based, benefit of exhibiting at the Highland is being able to sleep in his own bed each night – something anyone can appreciate!

Exhibitor Profile: Glenalmond Tweed
Exhibitor Profile: Glenalmond Tweed
Exhibitor Profile: Glenalmond Tweed
A breath of fresh air - Royal Highland Show 2014

A breath of fresh air

With its own loch and stunning landscaping, the Countryside area features demonstrations and events reflecting a wide range of country sports, activities and rural skill

With a packed programme, over all four days, we will introduce you to The Ben Potter eagle & Vulture display Team, the Totally Terriers event display Team and Mordor gun dogs.
You will have the opportunity to test your stamina over the army’s assault course, try your skills on the mountain biking track and ‘ZOrB’ on the loch.
To stimulate your mind, there are exhibitions on the archaeology of Scotland, survival techniques, the importance of bees and the versatility of honey. With willow weaving, bagpipe making, woodturning and a living history display of clan life from the 16th century, it all adds up to an unmissable part of royal Highland Showtime.
A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air
A breath of fresh air
Forestry Arena - Royal Highland Show 2014

Forestry Arena

An all-action part of the showground involves everything from chainsaw carving, horse logging and the hugely popular pole climbing. 

Want to learn the best way to climb a tree?  Then head to this area for exhilarating action. Remember all exhibitions and demonstrations take place through all four days of the show and are free!


Forestry Arena
Music Programme - Royal Highland Show 2014

Music Programme

Visitors to this year’s Royal Highland can look forward to four days of music & entertainment from over 500 talented performers of all ages.

The Programme for 2014 draws its inspiration from The Commonwealth Games and the Year of Homecoming – two hugely significant events for Scotland.

Download  Thursday & Friday Music Programme   Saturday & Sunday Music Programme 

We celebrate Homecoming with The Red Hot Chilli Pipers who will be appearing on Saturday June 21st and The National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland who will be appearing on Friday June 20th.

Our Commonwealth Games flavour will be supplied by The Highlife Commonwealth Band whose cultural roots are in Ghana, West Africa. They are our resident International Band and will feature each day of the show

In addition, there will be a varied line up of musicians from all areas of Scotland and in particular the 2014 Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland’s host area of Perth, Fife and Tayside. Perth Schools (Thursday June 19th)and Fife Schools  (Friday June 20th) will be represented byhighly talented youngsters as well as the Fife Strathspey & Reel Society (Saturday June 21st)playing toe tapping traditional music.

Clanadonia Scotland’s Tribal band of brothers will bring their own unique style of performance to the show on Thursday June 19th and North Sea Gas will perform some of Scotland’s very best folk music that has made them such a popular act in Europe and The USA. They are our resident Scottish Band performing daily.

Appearing at RHS for the first time are 2 very talented young musicians Clare Hastings, a graduate of The Royal Scottish Conservatoire who will be appearing with her band on Thursday June 19th. Also appearing for the first time is Ewen Galloway with his ceilidh band. Ewen was recently runner up in the prestigious Box & Fiddle Awards

The show would not be complete without the Pipes & Drums and this year we welcome back The Royal Scots Association (Saturday June 21st) and the Scots Guards Association (Sunday June 22nd). In addition, The Band of the Royal British Legion (Scotland) will join us on Sunday June 22nd with their magnificent military band sound.

Sunday at the Show is always popular with family visitors. To begin the day at our Morning Service we will have the fabulous Edinburgh Soul Choir accompanied by Clackmannan District Brass Band – Scottish Champions in 2012. Adding to the fun on Sunday will be Commotion Samba Band a vibrant all ladies group adding great atmosphere to the day. For our younger visitors we will also have the ever-popular Scott Lovat Puppet Show.

Music Programme
Music Programme
Music Programme
McDermott Renewables and Eco Village Exhibitor Case Study: vento ludens - Royal Highland Show 2014

McDermott Renewables and Eco Village Exhibitor Case Study: vento ludens

vento ludens (lat.: he who plays with the wind) have been working successfully since 2000 as a developer, investor and owner of renewable energy installations, and are wholly dedicated to producing clean, renewable energy.  They are a dynamic company with unparalleled dedication to, and enthusiasm for, solar and wind projects.  At their stand you can find out how their team can help you to develop a renewable energy project on your land.

In their third year at the Royal Highland Show they will bring something special to the visitors of the event, in particular the younger ones amongst them, with their curriculum linked science show, story and workshop, which is aimed at children age three to six years.

This is part of their brand new early years education programme, which features the special guest Timmy the Turbine. He is the much-loved mascot of vento ludens and will feature within this exciting science lesson at the Royal Highland Show.

Kristy Docherty from Business Development at vento ludens, said:“The Royal Highland Show is an excellent opportunity for our company to showcase our renewable energy project development services to landowners. Anyone who is interested in diversifying away from mainstream agriculture can come and speak to us over the course of the four days. We feel it is a great chance to meet with people face to face and answer any questions they may have.

The atmosphere and energy of the Royal Highland Show is unique and offers a lot of possibilities to meet new people that want to work with us in a relaxed and informal setting.  We are proud to be able to be part of the Royal Highland Show again this year.”

McDermott Renewables and Eco Village Exhibitor Case Study: vento ludens
McDermott Renewables and Eco Village Exhibitor Case Study: vento ludens
Enjoying food at the Show - Royal Highland Show supports Food Charter - Royal Highland Show 2014

Enjoying food at the Show - Royal Highland Show supports Food Charter

Scotland boasts one of the best natural larders in the world and has a long-standing reputation for quality Food & Drink.  In conjunction with the Scottish Food & Drink Industry the vision for 2014 is to capitalise on the exceptional year of events taking place (Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup and Homecoming) to ensure that by 2015 Scotland is truly recognised as a Land of Food & Drink; its premium products are viewed as the natural choice and its growing reputation for producing healthy products is enhanced.

Scotland Food & Drink have been working with Glasgow 2014 to create a Food Charter which promotes the use of high quality, responsibly sourced premium food, produced in Scotland at major events, which will set the catering standards in Scotland for years to come.

Homecoming event organisers are therefore expected to align with these goals and are encouraged to source food in accordance with the Food Charter.

As a Homecoming event, the Royal Highland Show (RHASS) are committed to this Charter and therefore require all Caterers to comply with the following product sourcing:

  • All Beef & Lamb products to be produced in Scotland and meet the accreditation standards or equivalent outlined below.
  • All other products to be produced in Scotland where possible and meet the accreditation standards or equivalent outlined below.  Where not available in Scotland, products MUST be fully traceable.
  • Use of Scottish organic/ethically sourced produce across all categories is encouraged, where possible
  • High quality, Scottish, seasonal plant-based produce (fruit, veg, salads & cereals) or British Red Tractor Assured; Fairtrade bananas, tea & coffee where possible
  • Dairy products sourced from Scotland made with Scottish milk to Red Tractor or equivalent standards; non-British cheese to be fully traceable
  • Free-range eggs, sourced from Scottish farms, carrying the SCO mark to indicate that they are a product of Scotland (or British Lion Mark equivalent)
  • Scotch Beef PGI & Scotch Lamb  PGI fresh meat preferred or higher farm assured equivalent
  • Outdoor-reared Specially Select Pork fresh meat preferred or higher farm assured equivalent
  • Other meat such as mutton or veal sourced from recognised scheme such as Red Tractor or higher-farm assured; processed pork products such as sausages and bacon to be made from Specially Select Pork and, if unavailable, from equivalent high standards of production
  • Wild venison from recognised Scottish Quality Wild Venison Assurance and farmed venison from Quality Assured Farm Venison standard
  • Free-range poultry, sourced from Scotland, Red Tractor or higher farm assured
  • Scottish bakery products (breads, cakes, shortbread, oatcakes) produced or manufactured in Scotland with ingredients traced back to source
  • Aquaculture (e.g farmed salmon & trout) produced in Scotland, farmed to the Code of Good Practice for Scottish Finfish Aquaculture;  feature only MCS ‘fish to eat’ species
  • Wild caught fish, seafood and shellfish to be produced in Scotland and MSC certified or MCS ‘fish to eat’ species
Enjoying food at the Show - Royal Highland Show supports Food Charter
Enjoying food at the Show - Royal Highland Show supports Food Charter
Enjoying food at the Show - Royal Highland Show supports Food Charter
Support for Scottish farming charity RSABI at Royal Highland Show - Royal Highland Show 2014

Support for Scottish farming charity RSABI at Royal Highland Show

RBS staff and Scottish Young Farmers will be emulating the rigors of the Great Glen Challenge to raise money for RSABI (formerly the Royal Scottish Agricultural Benevolent Institution) at the 2014 Royal Highland Show.

Volunteers led by Craig Dickson, Director of Agriculture for RBS Commercial Banking, will cycle and row on stationery machines, spurred on by donations of change from visitors at Europe’s largest agricultural show.
The marathon effort, which will take place over all four days of the show, will also be supported by Scottish elite development rugby player Finn Russell and Scottish international Greig Tonks.
Mobile banking
RBS will also be demonstrating the benefits of mobile banking for Scotland’s more remote communities at the Royal Highland Show.
Visitors will be invited to inspect the latest mobile branch, complete with a satellite for internet connection and iPads to allow customers to conduct their own online banking.
Staff will also be on hand to introduce customers to the RBS mobile banking app, and RBS will donate £1 to the STV fund every time a show visitor downloads the app onto their mobile phone or tablet.
Supporting agriculture
RBS has a long history of supporting agricultural businesses, employing 130 independently accredited agricultural specialists, many of whom have a farming background and expertise in crops, dairy, livestock, farm taxation and EU policy. Some will even be joining the show’s cattle judging panel.
Royal Highland Show logo The bank has been partner of the Royal Highland Show since 1981, and linked up with the RSABI early in 2013, after a former chief executive of the charity criticised banks for not doing enough to support struggling farmers.
The story encouraged Dickson to contact the RSABI: “For the bank to really make a difference to farming customers, we need to do more than just lend money. We need to be part of and play an active role in the farming community. That’s why partnerships with farming charities and other organisations are so important. ”
Members of the RBS Agriculture team visited RSABI offices to take part in workshops explaining how the bank makes lending decisions. They also provided information about the bank's wet weather support packages, which give farmers flexibility when their businesses are disrupted by the elements.
“By sharing our knowledge with RSABI advisors, they have a better understanding of the financial support available to farmers approaching them for help, ” says Dickson.
“Similarly, if our staff know more about the support offered by RSABI, they can pass that on to customers. Farmers are sometimes quite proud and won’t come forward to ask for help."
Support for Scottish farming charity RSABI at Royal Highland Show
Support for Scottish farming charity RSABI at Royal Highland Show
Support for Scottish farming charity RSABI at Royal Highland Show
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